Thursday, 7 June 2012

The art of letting go

As we grow up, we have always had the natural reaction of clinging onto experiences, things, emotions. Have you ever wondered why you do so? Is it because of the fear of love, safe, jealousy or simply success? Letting go can be visualized as entering a no entry road, being simply against the effortless glide of life. I would rather term it as being in our comfort zone.

The way we were brought up, it was always instilled at our very first steps to always grab as many opportunities as given. You have enough time to squeeze in a tuition after school hours and before another tuition, take it. Do not leave any opportunity go waster. That's fear of being unsuccessful. Let it go. Focus on what you have already.

I have always tried to understand why is it so difficult to move on from an unsuccessful relationship. Is it the fear of not meeting the same kind of person, love or experiencing the same kind of feelings. Or have you ever wondered why your heart always misses a heart beat at any kind of touch with your ex? Let her go. You have been wasting so much energy in trying to preserve her memories, rather than investing it in something more purposeful. Life is short, life is full of meeting new people. Move on.

During the course of your professional career, you will for sure encounter a situation whereby you will be required to make a choice. That choice will be making you so much sweating out, spoiling numerous nights, simply your days so stressful. Let's say for example, you would have to choose between quantity and quality. Yes, a lot of people would straight  forward tell you to go for quality. But your choice should reflect your initial target in life. And it can be simplified by the following 4 Questions.

Do I have a feeling that this might just won't work?
How important will this seem to me in six months?
How important will this seem to me in two years?
Is there a more enjoyable and productive way I could be harvesting my time and energy right now?

If the answer to the first and last questions are "yes", or the answers to the other 2 questions are "not much", it is time to let go.
( From Tony Schwartz work)

Can you relate how letting go and comfort zone are interconnected. Whenever you feel safe, loved and assured of successful, you would seldom go for new adventures or risks. Hence, you are not letting go since you are so comfortable in your comfort zone. Have you ever wondered what if I opted for the other way? Have you ever wondered what if I had once decided to brave the storm and just did not sign that contract with that prestigious company, rather grow up with a smaller one?
Always remember the above quote. No one would like to wake up 10 years later with a thought, what if I decided to choose the other way. When it will be time for you to go, and when your life will flash as a movie in your minds, you should appear as a hero in it. 

Let go, it is not an art, it is simply a choice for you to make.