Friday, 7 September 2012

A hero in real life


Together, through years, you have forged our house into a small home
Built with never ending love, care and affection
Ups and downs, we met them all way along
Yet you were always the first one to stand up as our shields
Never let us down, never let any harm bruises us..
Sacrifices were your constant companion throughout
Still, you never missed an opportunity to bring a smile on our face

While you are celebrating another milestone in your life today,
We can only be indebted to you
For having made our lives so cosy and lovely

As you were blowing your 50th candles, 
I can only say THANK YOU
For having made me as I am now
For having always guiding me through and through
For having always believed in me, when the rest did not
For having always been my HERO in real life..

And we can only pray to God, 
To grant me all necessary courage to make your long time wishes come true..
And they will become true..I promise!

Love you pops