Saturday, 4 October 2014

Running, running & running

How many of you have actually gone through the birth of a new passion or hobby? It's not something that you create over night, or inversely take ages to build up on it. Well, things sometimes just happen, as you might say things eventually fall together, to fit in!

It all started randomly last year, being inscribed for the Ferney Trail 2013! Then it just got piling up, with Terra Trail, Again Ferney Trail and today Moka Trail! Each of these trails was an experience in itself. Well, just to clarify all doubts, I was never a fan of running nor I am near to what I term as "amateur-professional", meaning amateurs who are quite good! What's next, I don't know, maybe Dodo trail!

So what do all these fuss about trails make it all about? Do we actually need to have those corporate marathon races in order to gain motivation enough to confront those scary slope of mountains? Are we not enough concerned not to take care of our health,if not for those risks? Well, it goes beyond that I believe. I guess, the reasons vary from person to person.

It can be all about self-motivation and the ability to challenge oneself for new challenges. It is only when you set yourself tasks beyond your zone of comfort that you tend to exceed your expectations. What about trying to rediscover some healthy practices again? That can definitely be an option. 

Most of the participants hail from companies, and maybe it's a new way for them to build the bonds among workers. Well, I guess, for me personally, I think it is a very good means to discover the inner part of our country! Through these kind of activities, you can have some unique opportunities to gain access to these private ranches and discover another facet of our beloved country. With the continuous creation of such private ranches, it is becoming more and more of a kind of luxury to gain access to such places nowadays.

So yes, it can be the birth of a new passion? The most important aspect in all it, is seeking to improve at each and every step. Yes, it is fun to go jogging in the nature, breathe in fresh air! It can be more interesting if accompanying tracking measures can be undertaken, such as training, dieting. 

I would like to really dedicate this space to all my amazing colleagues from Terragen for the unintentional creation of a trailing team! Cheers to Thierry, Jeff, Aruna, Hemant, Daniel, Jerome, Div, Surroop, Denovan, Teckmun, Adish, Amit, Nilshad. There is nothing better indeed to cross the arrival line under the applause of such amazing public at each time!

"The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply"


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